Top 12 Must-Have Graphing Software

Top 12 Must-Have Graphing Software: Yes, the graphs are indicated as the best way of visually presenting arrays of diverse data into an easily understandable format. With the assistance of which, we can easily derive and even deduce more essential information.

If you have an image of a Graph in JPEG format, then it’s best to turn it into Ai format because of quality representation. Even you could try an online JPEG to Ai converter that is highly suitable when it comes to turn JPEG into Ai vector graphic file. 

However, you people may need up to par software for your graphical work. Luckily, we have a list of some best graphic software for you that work best in every case!

Let’s find it!


Thanks to the immense integrated capabilities of Visme that work best for graphs and charts. It is packed with an easy and versatile interface that makes it a real professional designer tool. If you are seeking professional Adobe Illustrator graphic file conversions, then visit that provides the best JPEG to Ai converter and different other Ai converters. 

The modern sleek interface of Visme and plenty of templates let users create graphs and charts with zero fuss. You can see that this tool loaded with over 3 million users across the globe. 


This is another graphing tool that comes with multiple collections of charts and graphs templates. FusionCharts supports both JSON and XML data formats for better outcomes. No doubt that it is quite superb for business dashboards and even live demos. 

Google Charts:

Google Charts is the best way to deal with HTML 5 charts that are highly compatible with different browsers and portable platforms like iPhones and android. The upside is that it features VML to assist support the older IE versions. When it comes to using chart images, always consider Ai format due to its high quality instead of regular JPEG image format. Thus, people normally consider an online JPEG to AI converter to convert JPEG to Ai vector graphic image file. 


This graphing tool provides you with a wide range of chart and map templates, even the stock charts that are known as Highstock. The amazing thing is that you can now export charts in PNG, JPG, SVG, and PDF format. And, you can simply try an online JPEG to Ai converter to save JPEG as Ai vector image file without losing the quality. Remember that you people can use HighChart software for free in non-commercial and personal tasks. 


A leaflet is referred to as the best graph maker designed for mobile-friendly interfaces. Remember that it is specifically created to offer simplicity, performance, and usability throughout the desktop and mobile platforms. 


Dygraphs is indicated as an open-source JS graphing software library that entirely works best for handling immense data sets. Its speed, compatibility with major browsers, flexibility, and highly customizable platform are the patent highlights for considering it. Also, remember that you always have to seek for best JPEG to Ai converter that is highly compatible with all browsers while converting JPEG image to Ai. 


D3 stands for Data-Driven Documents that fall among the top list graphing software. This splendid tool is packed with lots of features and even offers innumerable free and open-source templates. 


This is the most popular tool amongst news reporters and organizations because it assists in embedding live charts. Remember that Datawrapper works best in generating basic charts including bar, and line among others. You can now export JPEG in Ai (Adobe Illustrator) format with the free assistance of an online JPEG to Ai converter. 


It is another popular visualization tool that provides you with an array of charts, graphs, and maps. The charts that are made with this tool can be easily embedded in any web page. 


Yes, this is the best designed open-source graph maker tool that is built on top of the D3.js that we discussed above. It entirely reveals itself as the missing link between vector graphics and spreadsheets. An online JPEG to Ai converter is the right way if you want to convert JPEG image to Ai vector graphics within no time. RawGraphs is packed with 26 charts and even all the essential processing that is done in the browser. 


Infogram is always mentioned as a great online infographics and charts marker. You could now embed interactive charts into your web pages with the assistance of this tool. 


Make use of this best web-based data graphing software that supports several in-built chart types. Remember that all the charts and graphs that are available there look professional yet their creation is very simpler. 

Thankfully, you people explored some best graphing tools that let you work with visuals more smartly. Consider one of them according to your need and proceed with quality artwork. Good Luck!

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