20 Best Learned A Lesson Quotes With Explaination

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Learned A Lesson Quotes

20 Best Learned A Lesson Quotes With Explatin

1. “There will never be another day such as this one, with all the variables of life combining in such a way to form this Opportunity. So don’t let it go, grab it.

Every day is like a boon of God for every living person on this earth and. We also need to give proper value to it, but many people do not like to do this, and in such a situation, you often see people saying or saying nothing. We do this myself, we will do this work tomorrow, or I start doing it from another day.

But friends, you have hardly thought about it that we are taking our lives in a different direction by not doing any work immediately.

We all know very well about this that no day remains equal if you want to see this scientifically, but you have come to know about it, then friends, whatever we get to do today. Get it done today.

Every morning not only does not bring sunlight with it, but it also brings a lot of energy and all the facts of our life.

So, friends, we should give great importance to ourselves every day. Do you know the Opportunity brought to us today, do not come tomorrow, so do not let this Opportunity go at all and grab it?

2. “Nobody is an expert, as we are all still learning.

We meet many people in our daily life who have a lot of information, they can easily influence everyone with their knowledge, and we also want to be like them, but the question is, what comes someone a become expert.

Here we are the first to know that who is an expert in real meaning, the expert can be any person who has all kind of information about a particular field, he can answer any of your questions but friends an expert There is a lot of difference between staying and being an expert.

But in this learning era, no person expert at all. I mean to say that just as the requirement of sunlight and water for a plant to grow is daily, just like all of us, no matter how expert it is daily. Learning is required. Only then can proper knowledge grow.

In our life we ​​all know this very well, every day some new technology or information continues to develop, we are all in a learning face where every day we get to learn something new and therefore expert ourselves. It is not a good practice to keep learning things daily.

So keep learning and showing off yourself without thinking that the other person in front of you is more knowledgeable than you.

3. “If one Godfather offers you an opportunity and another Godfather offers you an advantage, go with the former.

In this world, we saw many things happen, and we get to learn that we have to do any work properly. If we have to take advantage of it, yes, it is also right to work for it. depends on “That is, if we choose the right path, then we reach our destination.

There is a Godfather in everyone’s life, who has much influence in his life, it can be any relative or mentor of yours, but friends here I will tell you about some critical decision of your life over which we have to think a lot Even after.

If ever someone starts a new work for us and asks you to create that work together to correct the work with him, it can be an opportunity, but that is another person who gives you talks about giving an advantage.

So you do not have to worry too much about this, you should go with Opportunity, friends, we all know that no benefit can always remain the same and this is not a complete part because if you do any work. So it has two stages, profit, and loss, while the same Opportunity gives you many opportunities so that you will be able to manage your benefit according to yourself.

4. “The first opportunity is a golden opportunity.

First is best we all have been listening to this but is this effect in our life, then the answer is yes, and its most effective impact is when we are talking in the context of an Opportunity.

We get many opportunities in our life, which makes many changes in our daily life. If we see from the beginning of our lives, then our beautiful lives are also a kind of Opportunity, or we can also call it our first Opportunity. is

We do not know how or why we got this Opportunity, but we got to know one thing very well due to this Opportunity, today we are in this world and are doing all things experience and our life Enjoying.
The Opportunity can be of any kind, but friends, our first Opportunity is priceless, or if we call it a golden opportunity, then it will not be wrong because our life is an example of this.

That is why we should give a lot of importance to the first Opportunity that we get in our life, because this is a series of Opportunities in our life, so if you have any questions about the Opportunity ahead in your mind, we will know its answer. Life must be considered your first Opportunity.

5. “Perfection is based on your perception of what is perfect for you.

Nowadays, people do any work, so they keep many expectations by themselves, such as how we have to do it or how we can do it better but friends, till now everything remains valid as long as our perfection doesn’t come in the story.

Perfection is an excellent thing in any field, but sometimes we implement it in our lives differently so that it becomes a barrier for us rather than beneficial. I am not saying that perfection is not right, but It is useful as long as it is limited.

For example, if a student tries to get his excellent percentage and wants perfection for his marks, his model is valid, and it will be very beneficial for this or even if we take any new job. can be done.

In the society in which we live today, there has been a different meaning of perfection. The right thing is that all people are perfect in themselves, but sometimes people keep aside this fact that they do not know which way in search of perfection wanders its way. Let’s go.

If the rainbow of Bolu is looking good, but one of its colors does not look like the rest of the color, then your argument seems to be quite funny. It is not exactly what you feel because its perfection is complete according to it. is Learned A Lesson Quotes.

6. “They say, “Look before you leap.” So look. But do not look for too long. Do not look into the void of uncertainty trying to predict every possible outcome, to evaluate every possible mistake, to prevent each possible failure. Look for the Opportunity to leap, and leap faster than your fear can grab you. Leap before you talk yourself out of it before you convince yourself to set up a temporary camp that turns into a permanent delay on your journey.

we all human being are an excellent thinker we found and also create a lot of beautiful thinks only been thinking about things, but sometimes it comes to our stability, which seems to work differently for us.

But sometimes you should not overthink life’s decision because by doing this, we are never able to do many things. Sometimes we find a goal or set a mission for our life, but now we start that work. Thinking a lot for

Here I do not want to say that if you have decided on any Goal in your life, you should not consider doing it. To do this, you will have to take action but also work about it.

If we are a runner on a race track and will keep thinking about what the outcome of his race will be, then he will not start his race, then obviously he will lose his race, then I will give you Trying to tell you this.

So it is not that you keep thinking about the Opportunity in life, and when your thinking is converted into your stability and you will delay your journey too much instead of taking action and therefore you will get your energy when If you get any chance, do not overthink about it and make your leap with full force to achieve it so that you can grab your goal.

7. “Don’t ask the creator to guide your footsteps if you’re not willing to move your feet.

If I say that our life is like a roller coaster ride, then it is not wrong because here we get to see different types of ups and downs every day and therefore, we should always think about moving forward, and in this case, we should always be prepared. So that we can handle all the challenges in our life properly

But whenever the hard time comes, many people give up with a seat without doing anything, thinking that someone can show them the right path only then they can find a solution to that problem. Do you think it is possible?
If I take an example of a cricket match and tell a player to think that the ball is hit without moving his bat, I believe it is only a hypothetical idea.

In fact, in the world we live in today, without doing anything here, we can only imagine anything happening, and therefore, if we do not start walking in our way, no one else will reach our destination. Yes, he can tell us the way, but we will have to walk on those paths.

Moving forward means that you have not been able to break the burdens in life, and at the same time, you have a firm determination that you will not stop. No matter how big your problems are, you will be able to move forward on your path. Can’t stop

8. “When you decide – follow it up with the action as spontaneously as possible if not sooner because the quicker you reciprocate with the decision the sooner you shall see results.

If I asked you a question, what do you think about starting work or those decisions in your life, which you always think about, or even at this time, there will be many types of decisions going on in your mind. This is also natural in our life.

Nowadays we all are looking for a good opportunity so that like all of us, we can also create a dreamland for ourselves, but it is not so easy, for this we have to work on our decisions correctly, and if this work Only the idea of ​​doing it will continue to be done, then we will not get any result.

I had just rented a book from a bookstall last week, I had 3 days out of which I had to return that book but whenever I wanted to read that book properly at that time for some reason or the other. I was unable to read, now only 2 days were left with me to finish that book.

Then I took the decision to read that book myself, and after that, I started working on it immediately before the idea of ​​getting my book calmed down, and after that, I got that 200-page book without any burden and Could know about many creative and optimistic things, it was that experience of my life from where I taught that when we have decided to do some work, then we should not overthink to work. So it is Learned A Lesson Quotes.

9. “Every opportunity has challenges and when you overcome it, it turns to rewards.

We all have been hearing from our childhood that “Hard work is a key to success”, whether we have listened to this from our parents or our teachers must have explained this thing, but at the same time, we can say this thing We also think that when is the right time to do it, then it is a simple answer and that is when we get some kind of work.

Life allows everyone, and it is rewarded with it, but this story is not just enough. Whenever you get an opportunity, you also bring a lot of challenges with you. Which we all have to face or say that we have to work on those challenges with our hard work

You can understand this better from a student studying in a college, how he gets an opportunity to top the class, and works hard for it, and as a reward, he beats the class. Here we need to understand this, we get many opportunities in life, but if we do not work hard for it, that Opportunity will not be turned into a reward. So it is Learned A Lesson Quotes.

10. “Knock and the door will open, But Make sure it’s the right door.

When our life is not going the way we like it, then it is a perfect solution that we try to do something new, whether it is to learn a new skill, to meet a job or a person who Can tell you about a door.

But the most important among all this is that we can reach the right door because only one right door can give us everything we need and if we do not get the right door then we do not have to knock it here. Even our Creator has said that till you find the right door, keep knocking.

This is also entirely true that we do not know what is on the other side of the door, sometimes it can be a risk for us when we are very much in need of some new way, but if we do not open the door If we do, our inner fear will always be inside.

Sometimes we are in the right place, but still, the door is not open, then we get distraught, but we do not need to be disturbed because what is the wrong door, so you know.
Be prepared in advance that which door you should be going to open. So it is Learned A Lesson Quotes.

11. “Start wherever you are! Low hanging fruit tastes as good as the high stuff.

We continue to face many problems in our daily life, but if we call it a challenge, it will be more right because more people with us are just starting some work from their initial level, but with it, It is also essential that we participate in that challenge because if we want to win the race, we will have to run for it.

We should not make much argument before doing any work because it is relatively easy to say that it is not for me, or I do not even have the right resources to start it.

But you should not just start, what is your position right now, because we have seen many times that the fruit hanging from the tree is too sweet, so you have to spend more time thinking Must not spoil.
I am not saying that you just start running for your progress, but at the same time, you can also stop and analyze your progress so that you know how much you were in your position from where you started. Has changed.

We all have our past, which has two faces; one reminds us well and our bad experience.
Happens, but if you can help a lot in starting something in your current situation where you will know what you know, you are in better condition today than before, which you do not feel right. So it is Learned A Lesson Quotes.

12. “Build on Change.

we are living in this changeable world where everything keeps on changing is the most prominent example of nature which is very different and creative in itself, and as time is changing, we are seeing many forms of nature which may be someone Must never have imagined

All of us humans are also a part of nature and therefore change is also an essential part of our life which affects us in many ways, it is suitable for someone and sometimes bad, but here the best quality we have got from nature Is Build on Change. Nature has the power to change itself over time.

The most important thing is that. We should come to build ourselves, whether we are upset or we are doing this work at the beginning level, the self-building is such property due to which we can get happiness, we should always hope that you can build yourself.

Here also comes an important thing that when we should build ourselves, we are all-knowing that new technology, field, develop is happening in this world every day and in such a situation we will have to walk with change if we have to race for life We have to remain in it and for this we should come to build ourselves with time. So it is Learned A Lesson Quotes.

13. “Danger is opportunity’s seer.

First of all, let us know how the Opportunity happens; it can be both bad or terrific, depending on how we handle it. If we have excellent skills/knowledge, maybe Any kind of Opportunity will prove to be very good for us, if we do not have the right type of experience, we may face some problems.

But with this, if I say that you can also find a lot of Opportunity for yourself in the situation of any danger, yes, of course, we have experienced it many times in our life whenever we get a chance to do some work. Of course, some risk also comes with him, and from that risk or danger, a new opportunity is created.

These two go together, we just need to manage them correctly, and for this, we have a great approach, we can understand it in a simple way when we get the opportunity to design a website, but we get a lot of Problems also arise such as logo designed for it, front-end design or database. Now your problem is like an opportunity for someone else who does this job. So it is Learned A Lesson Quotes.

14. “The most critical risk of all, is not taking the risk.

I will not ask you what you think about taking a risk, or have you ever taken any threat in your life or not, just tell me how your life is going; whatever work you are doing is right according to you Is going well, and if your answer is yes then that’s great.

But sometimes we should think above all things because if we are sitting in one place even if it is good for us or comfortable, we cannot complete the journey ahead, and hence we should be in our life risk must come.

We get many opportunities in life only when we get out of our comfort zone and try something different. To start something new.

But if you will not take a risk in your life and do something new, then the fear of doing something new will always remain in you, and so to get out of this fear, you should build your confidence and move away from your comfort zone and do creative things. You don’t need to get success all the time; if you also get failure in it, it will lead to further fear and work and heal yourself quickly.

15. “Let fate decide, and then roll with it.

Whatever is happening in our life or will happen in the future is all due to some reason, and nowhere else, its direct connection is due to our luck and the decisions taken by us.

We have our past, thinking that we sometimes regret happiness and the decision of all of us behind it, which we must have taken at that time.

But life is not the same, and we cannot choose the right path all the time, or sometimes we do not have any idea what to do now, in such a situation,

We should leave all things on fate because there is no decision. It would be better to take it to not leave it to luck and keep moving forward with it.

I remember very well that I played a coin game many times with my friends. I often used to lose in this game because I could not guess correctly what would come on one side of the coin and so I often I used to play the coin game from my destiny and indeed when I do not have the right and wrong decision, I used to be very relaxed leaving everything to my luck.

16. “Only if we break new ground will we get new insights. If we are not ready to leave old,familiar and often well-trodden paths, one day we will get stuck in a dead end.

Changing is a part of our life. We ​​got this lesson from our nature. Every day on our earth, something or something keeps building up and deteriorating, but nothing is stable; all keep changing their place.

At the beginning of human life, when the ancestors used to do were tribals, they struggled a lot to do every small work; first, they used to do it in Africa.

But then many changes took place due to which They had a lot to serve. They started having problems, and in the pursuit of life, they slowly began to live even more and expanded themselves.

Even today, we are struggling a lot in life. In such a situation, we should not remain stable in one place because if we stay in our old home, we cannot learn anything new, yes I can understand this for us. Except for the ancient environment in which our colleagues and friends are there, we are not ready for another chance.

The clouds of rain also keep changing their place. The land of different areas is fertile, and in the same way, we should not remain stable in any one place and continue to explore new places. So it is Learned A Lesson Quotes.

17. “Now is what we have

We all know one thing very well that in this entire universe, we can change everything or change something in it, but if I say that you can change tomorrow, or can you tell me this? What will happen to you in the future? You may find this question a bit funny because we all know that we cannot make any changes in the future or tomorrow.

But even then, to do something new in our life, we only think very positively about it, what will be its result in the future or we do not have the right time to do it. We will remain in our thoughts. And it is the same as if you sat in the wrong compartment of a wrong train, where we do not know where we are going.

Whenever you are in this kind of situation where you do not understand that we are not ready to do it now, stop and oversee your condition and know about what you have to do. Take

And as far as I know, whatever we have got today, whether it is our relationship, family, home, or knowledge, we all have it today. What do we know tomorrow,

we do not have anything from it, so a better person is the same; He does not see the matter and avails the opportunity he is getting today. So it is Learned A Lesson Quotes.

18. “Sometimes life will place a wall on your path to force you to go in another direction.

life is the journey we travel every day, in which some meet new people and some older people are left behind, some people have started this journey, who have a lot to learn and some have spent their journey almost Have completed.

Now suppose that you are walking on a road, and after walking for the whole day, you see that the route you are walking on is closed later, now you are filled with despair, and for this, you curse God. Also, why did he do this, and the next day you get a friend, and he tells you how he has come in the wrong way.

Our real-life story is also like this, where every day we are running a race in some direction to learn or learn something new and leave behind all the troubles but sometimes we do not understand in our life. Only what we do and there we feel.

Like it is like a wall of our life that prevents us from moving forward, but friends, whatever happens to us, is it right for us to stop at this time or have we come on some wrong way, yes we must once You can try to move forward. If this does not happen, then we should choose another path and start our race again.

19. “One chance missing, makes losing more chances.

If I tell you that we should not lose any opportunity you get in your life, then all of you will agree with me, but do you implement all kinds of options in your life?

If I am not talking about the daily chances you get in your life, you often come to us like – we take all these opportunities to get a new job or do something new.

But here I tell you about some non-real opportunity that I get in my life and talk about how we miss it like – we are reading a novel in which we know about a person.

Who gets reasonable outstanding goals in his life in a short time but then we think that maybe we cannot do this, then in this way we have lost an opportunity

Now in the second case, we got a chance to meet a motivational speaker. Still, just because we are busy with some work at this time, we are unable to go to meet the speaker, in this way we have lost another opportunity.

So whenever you have some opportunity. If you get it, do not leave it because what you know is your first opportunity. If you lose it, you will regret it later.

20. “One who doesn’t recognize an opportunity is bigger loser than one who tries his hand at an opportunity.

A small child participates in the annual race in his school. He also works hard for him and And when there is a race, he runs away with all his strength. However, it is wrong with him that the child loses the race, and the next day while he is still studying in class, some of the class children bother him by calling him a loser.

And when the child told this to his father, his father explained to him that you are not a loser because you participated in the race and tried to win; yes, it was terrible that you could not win the race, but The real loser is those who did not even participate in this race.

With the context of this short story, I am just trying to tell you that when we get an opportunity in life,

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We should come to recognize it and grab it and not think at all whether this opportunity is right for us or not. It would not be very sensible. In such a situation, it would be like you have defeated without playing any game.

Anyway, what is the opportunity that comes into our life, take our life to an acceptable level? No one knows about it, so taste every chance. So it is Learned A Lesson Quotes.


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