How to Build an Audience for Your Live Streaming channel

With several live-streaming platforms, building an audience for your channel may become tricky. In recent ways, we have witnessed exponential growth in esports and online gaming. This unfolding has left game streaming to be just like any other activity; it’s no longer a niche of interest. Amidst all these, how do you build and retain your audience? How do you keep them engaged-will they come, get bored, and leave? Here are steps you should follow to build not just an audience but a community.

1. Thank new subscribers

Gratefulness enables your viewers to know they are valued. Having viewers is very key. Why would you Live Stream? Other streamers have to buy Twitch viewers to promote their brand while here you haven’t spent a dollar on the viewers.

Ensure that your audience knows that you appreciate them for always being there. Even if it’s just a small contribution, let them know you appreciate it. This is the way into your subscriber’s heart. How do you do this? Some people would say, ‘you don’t know how focused we get while streaming the game, it’s not easy once you start streaming’. Are you amongst these people? You want to use a streaming plugin-it automates the process. Remember, this doesn’t obliterate the need to mention it personally while streaming.

Are there games that are currently trending? Do you know any popular games? Before diving into game streaming, you want to acquaint yourself with new and popular games which easily attract attention. Think of the last time you discovered a YouTube channel? Was the channel recommended by a friend? Did you bump on the channel? More often than not, we discover channels due to trending topics.

The same can be said about game streaming. But how do you know trending games, the new games? Are you aware of any gaming site? You want to search gaming sites, while at it, take a look at the current games. Moreover, navigate into the comments section and see what the audience is saying about the games and the experience as a whole. Even better, try and get a pre-release copy of a certain game.

Are you struggling with ideas? Sometimes, you have searched but come up with no exhilarating game. Twitch got you covered. You only need to navigate to the Twitch homepage and you will get a list of popular games. Even while using the recommendations of this page, remember to do your search just so you know what the current community is about. Avoid  choosing already saturated games. It’s not easy to compete with already established streamers. Avoid it at all costs.

3. Keep a consistent schedule

Just like any form of content creation, you want to do it regularly. Nothing gets my skin cringed like a person who cannot deliver one service with excellence yet diversify into other lines of operation. Normally, this is common with tailors. They are known for not keeping their word. Are you there when needed by your audience or do you come at random times? More than the schedule, consistency is very key.

You want to produce regular streams. Many streamers in the past have dived into streaming with psyche. They streamed in bursts and they went silent. What happens to your viewers when you go silent? Do they wait for you? Daily streaming is not easy for those who are not committed. Have specific days when to stream so that you don’t burn out and quit.

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4. Keep the conversation going?

As a viewer, would you stream your videos? Do you want to play your games silently? Why do you think others would watch you? Even so, you don’t need to continually talk especially if the game requires focus. Know your audience and how exactly you can keep them engaged. You want to have flowing conversations, it goes a long way in keeping the audience engaged.

Have a framework for every game. If it’s a skill-intensive game, explain what you are doing and the strategy you are using for your audience. If you have done this already, check the chat box. Your audience is probably posting questions and comments there. Are you only responding to game-related comments? How would you build a community with this perspective? Sometimes, it’s all about knowing you.

Here are the main tips for attracting and retaining your live streaming audience. Have you done that? You want to adopt these tips while improving the quality of your videos.

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