How Real Life Escape Games Are Opening New Startup Opportunities

Ever wondered what would be a great start-up idea? It is understandable that people often struggle to find the right business opportunity. Many entrepreneurs spend a ridiculous amount of time trying to find the perfect idea. Well, here is a great idea for you to start an escape room company like breakout escape rooms

How Real Life Escape Games Are Opening New Startup Opportunities
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Start-ups are not as easy as they sound. The struggle, dedication, and above all, the failures can bring you down pretty quickly. Not just that, but the economy, demand, and various other factors can severely hamper the working of your start-up. But escape rooms are still a great idea for a start-up. 

Escape rooms are real-time adventure and puzzle-solving role-playing games. There are multiple themes involved, scenarios to choose and an immersive storyline. One of the most interesting facts about escape rooms is that they are often available to all ages. Thus, not only are they playable by everyone, people are starting to grow fond of them. There is something about beating the clock and escaping a room that calls out to our inner adventurer.  

The market for escape rooms is at an all-time high. Escape rooms as a concept have grown globally and established themselves as a great way for people to entertain themselves. But what is it about them that is so appealing to everyone? Well, it is a combination of numerous things.  From creative and fun puzzles to interesting and immersive storylines, escape rooms captivate people.  

1. Explore your creative side 

A lot of people feel trapped in traditional jobs and businesses. However, the escape room business is quite different. It thrives on creativity and originality. There is a set formula for being creative, and that is to challenge people in new and interesting ways.  

It allows for outside the box thinking that not a lot of start-ups will allow. Creating interesting puzzles and making immersive stories is just part of the job.  

2. Out of the box thinking

How Real Life Escape Games Are Opening New Startup Opportunities

One of the major reasons why escape rooms have become popular as a concept is this. People love it when escape room companies come up with new and interesting concepts. Escape rooms themselves are a new concept for the majority of the population. While people might know what they are, many have never even experienced it before. Once they do, they keep coming back for more of the same. Not a lot of activities require people to use their brains like escape rooms do, which is its unique selling point.  

3. Versatile 

One of the greatest features of escape rooms is that they are quite versatile. Now whether it is in terms of themes and stories or just the general vibe, escape rooms are unmatched. You could easily explore horror themes one day and organize a kid’s birthday party there the next.  

Since almost all escape rooms require a group of players, it is a great place for meeting people. Whether it is for birthday parties or anniversaries, escape rooms are a great place for such events. Corporate meet-ups and team building are becoming increasingly biased towards escape rooms.  

4. Easy to manage and upgrade 

Growth is a concern for many entrepreneurs. With escape rooms, this concern is misplaced. Growing an escape room business is quite different from other businesses. Growth in this industry would mean your capability to multitask.  

If your escape room is limited initially, growth would be to explore its versatility, the ability to change themes and host events seamlessly. Upgrading your escape rooms is again quite easy and does not require extensive work.   

5. Return on investment 

One of the most important factors for start-ups is capital. Getting and securing a considerable investment is quite important for a lot of places. However, escape rooms do not require exorbitant amounts of capital.  A basic escape room does not cost a lot. Most of the cost comes from renting, remodeling, buying props, and managing escape rooms.  

Other than that, the return you get, more than enough, makes up for it. It is a group activity and not an individual activity, and due to that, you can keep your prices reasonable and still get decent returns.  


Start-up opportunities are changing and evolving with time. Tech start-ups are no longer viable unless you have a unique idea. Even then, funding and investment can become a problem. The escape room solves that problem. 

Escape rooms have and are still opening a lot of new start-up opportunities. A lot of established escape rooms in the US are family-run businesses that started small. Read the above 5 reasons why escape rooms are opening new start-up opportunities, and start planning your escape room company. 

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